Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Cats Boarding with Woodside Cattery

    • Cats must have a current vaccination card and been vaccinated with the last year
    • Whilst every possible care and attention is given to each animal boarding at this cattery, the boarding cattery cannot be held responsible for illness or loss through any cause. In the case of illness, your cat will be taken to a veterinary surgeon. The signature on your booking form at the time of acceptance gives authorisation for any anaesthetic that the vet may need to administer
    • The cattery accepts no liability for any veterinary fees incurred
    • We strongly advise that all cat collars are removed prior to boarding. Any collar left on is entirely at the owner’s risk
    • All cats found to have parasites such as fleas or ticks will be given a topical treatment to safeguard the other cats in our care. A charge will be made for this
    • If a cat is not collected after one month of the date specified, we have the legal right to assume ownership and deal with the situation as we deem necessary


  • Please ensure that all cats arrive and leave the cattery in a secure carrier